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I think most writers write with an optimistic cast in their heads. It’s the only real way to bring life to their text, picture a face for the voice in their head.

That said, I am revealing my dream cast for Mascara. If you know someone who knows my someones, spread the word.

Jorie / Delilah Hamlin #DelilahHalminisLisaRinnaandHarryHamlinsdaughter

Asher / Scarlett Rose Leithold #whoknowsWilhelminamodelScarlettRoseLeithold

Mara / Lily-Rose Depp #LilyRoseDeppisJohnnyDeppsdaughter #whysomanyroses 🌹

Amanda / Ariana Grande #ArianaGrandeisselfexplanatory

Rachel / Nina Dobrev #NinaDobrevasanonvampirethough

Carmen / Jasmine Sanders #PrettysureJasmineSandersisamodelsolelybecauseofInstagram

Adrianna / Kylie Jenner #IfyoudontknowwhoKylieJenneris

Baylor / #TaylorSwift

Aimee (Liam’s older sister) / #GigiHadid

Have your people call my people so I can get my cast.


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