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A message to my readers…

One hundred and eighteen total pounds (pounds!) of my own books sit in my apartment today. That is the point where you pinch yourself. The gratitude is high.

I spent four consecutive hours last night signing, stuffing, sealing, stamping and addressing. My living room is buried underneath bubble mailers, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you to everyone who donated so much as a dollar to this project. Who read the book or shared the book or reviewed the book. Otherwise, I’d still be here with just my notebook and a pen.

Books will be showing up at people’s houses this week. I ask that you kindly take a moment to review it on GoodReads or Amazon once you’ve read it. I need the organic growth that only good word of mouth can produce.

As for future plans, I will pen a Mascara Book 2 at some point this year, likely in the Fall. For now I am working on a new book called Color Inside which I hope to finish by August. I also have plans to start a kids book (title withheld) sometime in between. With a little luck, my subsequent projects won’t require crowd sourcing because Penguin Random House will call me this year.

Lastly, I am sending a copy of the book to a few special teen idol celebrities. Keep your fingers crossed that someone gets caught reading it on camera. That’s all it takes is one cameo in the hands of T Swift.

Thank you again.




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One thought on “A message to my readers…

  1. Awesome stuff! I work in the same building as Penguin Random House, so I plan on casually leaving my copy behind when I’m done reading it with your contact info inside.


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