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Buy Mascara in Paperback

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The pre-order sale has ended, but you can still grab a paperback copy of Mascara for $13.99. Please purchase here via Paypal if you wish to buy — purchasing through Amazon or Barnes and Noble only allows me to see a small percent of the cover price.




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I think most writers write with an optimistic cast in their heads. It’s the only real way to bring life to their text, picture a face for the voice in their head.

That said, I am revealing my dream cast for Mascara. If you know someone who knows my someones, spread the word.

Jorie / Delilah Hamlin #DelilahHalminisLisaRinnaandHarryHamlinsdaughter

Asher / Scarlett Rose Leithold #whoknowsWilhelminamodelScarlettRoseLeithold

Mara / Lily-Rose Depp #LilyRoseDeppisJohnnyDeppsdaughter #whysomanyroses 🌹

Amanda / Ariana Grande #ArianaGrandeisselfexplanatory

Rachel / Nina Dobrev #NinaDobrevasanonvampirethough

Carmen / Jasmine Sanders #PrettysureJasmineSandersisamodelsolelybecauseofInstagram

Adrianna / Kylie Jenner #IfyoudontknowwhoKylieJenneris

Baylor / #TaylorSwift

Aimee (Liam’s older sister) / #GigiHadid

Have your people call my people so I can get my cast.

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Mascara Pre-Order Sale!

Mascara will be available after April 6th at the retail cover price of $13.99 plus shipping & handling. For a limited time, pre-order your paperback copy at the friends and family sale price of $12 each. Save $1.99 per book. Offer valid until 4/6/15. Payment is accepted via Paypal below. Shipping will be confirmed via email after purchase.

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Crowdfunding Updates 💙🙏

What a job well done! In under two weeks we have raised over two thousand dollars to get Mascara into print. I feel proud to know every single person that was generous enough to donate to this project. Such a pleasant surprise. About 70 people, some I have not seen in 15+ years, bet their own money on this book and on me. I’ll never forget it.
So what’s next for the campaign? I’ve decided to extend it another week for two reasons. One, there are still people interested in getting a signed copy. Two, I didn’t factor in GoFundMe’s cut, the design cost ($299) and the bar code cost. This brings the total to just over $2400. While people still want signed books, I still want to give them the opportunity to donate. I won’t however, annoy everyone with incessant fundraising messages anymore.
Onto the book printing. My very talented former editor at the Hudson Reporter newspaper is editing the manuscript as we speak, catching all of those last little errors that the eyes miss. Don’t want to print hundreds of books with a typo! 😳 I am shooting the cover on March 16 when I get back to town with a very amazing photographer friend who offered. I also have another wonderful friend who offered to conceptualize the design. Do I know incredible people or what?
Also, the book is currently being reviewed by a Teen magazine based in Florida which is really exciting unless of course they hate it. Yikes! All press is good press?
March is going to be a glorious and hectic time for this book and I will continue to blog the journey. 💙