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Newest crop of pledges: Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Jourdan Dunn

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Wait, their names don’t start with “M.” Man, I would be thrilled if they were pledging MASCARA. Apparently, they’re just going to Coachella and now going to Coachella requires blue hair. I don’t get it, but I like it. They say it’s “inspired by mermaids” but we know what that is secret language for. Well, my own blue tresses look commonplace now! To read the full Hello! article, click here. If you haven’t yet read MASCARA, you are falling behind trend.

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I told you #cobaltblue was everything…

So about being psychic… It seems everyone is dying their hair blue. Ahem. I know someone who did that months ago, then wrote a book about a sorority whose mantra is #albluealways. Then I told you it was becoming like the Illuminati. Then I referenced Beyoncé and Jay and their little tot Blue Ivy. I’ll let you be the judge…

#readblue #goblue #allblueeverything #bluemascara #bluehair #cobalt

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I think everyone is pledging Mascara, even Amber Rose

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It’s like the #Illuminati — only without all the conspiracy. Come to think of it, aren’t Beyonce and Jay Z supposed members who named their daughter “Blue” Ivy? It’s all coming together now. Everyone is going blue. My hope would be that it is for Autism and then maybe, a couple, are really sprinkling Mascara isms around the world. Check out Amber Rose’s new look.

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Buy Mascara in Paperback

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The pre-order sale has ended, but you can still grab a paperback copy of Mascara for $13.99. Please purchase here via Paypal if you wish to buy — purchasing through Amazon or Barnes and Noble only allows me to see a small percent of the cover price.




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I think most writers write with an optimistic cast in their heads. It’s the only real way to bring life to their text, picture a face for the voice in their head.

That said, I am revealing my dream cast for Mascara. If you know someone who knows my someones, spread the word.

Jorie / Delilah Hamlin #DelilahHalminisLisaRinnaandHarryHamlinsdaughter

Asher / Scarlett Rose Leithold #whoknowsWilhelminamodelScarlettRoseLeithold

Mara / Lily-Rose Depp #LilyRoseDeppisJohnnyDeppsdaughter #whysomanyroses 🌹

Amanda / Ariana Grande #ArianaGrandeisselfexplanatory

Rachel / Nina Dobrev #NinaDobrevasanonvampirethough

Carmen / Jasmine Sanders #PrettysureJasmineSandersisamodelsolelybecauseofInstagram

Adrianna / Kylie Jenner #IfyoudontknowwhoKylieJenneris

Baylor / #TaylorSwift

Aimee (Liam’s older sister) / #GigiHadid

Have your people call my people so I can get my cast.