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So what mascara brands do I recommend?

It only seems logical that I put my picks for mascara out there since I have created an entire world around this simple cosmetic. I’ve decided to suggest both a blue (for those bold enough to wear it) and a classic black (just in case you’re not feeling fearless).

For blue, I recommend Calvin Klein One in Electrify Blue, $18 Available at Ulta


For black, I recommend Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara, $20 Available at Ulta


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Crowdfunding Updates 💙🙏

What a job well done! In under two weeks we have raised over two thousand dollars to get Mascara into print. I feel proud to know every single person that was generous enough to donate to this project. Such a pleasant surprise. About 70 people, some I have not seen in 15+ years, bet their own money on this book and on me. I’ll never forget it.
So what’s next for the campaign? I’ve decided to extend it another week for two reasons. One, there are still people interested in getting a signed copy. Two, I didn’t factor in GoFundMe’s cut, the design cost ($299) and the bar code cost. This brings the total to just over $2400. While people still want signed books, I still want to give them the opportunity to donate. I won’t however, annoy everyone with incessant fundraising messages anymore.
Onto the book printing. My very talented former editor at the Hudson Reporter newspaper is editing the manuscript as we speak, catching all of those last little errors that the eyes miss. Don’t want to print hundreds of books with a typo! 😳 I am shooting the cover on March 16 when I get back to town with a very amazing photographer friend who offered. I also have another wonderful friend who offered to conceptualize the design. Do I know incredible people or what?
Also, the book is currently being reviewed by a Teen magazine based in Florida which is really exciting unless of course they hate it. Yikes! All press is good press?
March is going to be a glorious and hectic time for this book and I will continue to blog the journey. 💙

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Put your Mascara on!!

NYXI can’t express my gratitude enough for the support of so many people on this book. There is so much happening my head is spinning. (If you read the book, you know I love that phrase – Jorie’s head spins a lot!)

Today a good friend of mine saw an opportunity to pitch a TV station that was looking to interview an author in NYC with a new release who used crowd sourcing and more modern publishing options. Hello? They may as well have said they needed it to be called Mascara. Within minutes I pitched my story to the reporter and better yet, she responded that I was perfect for the segment! We are shooting a 20-minute interview tomorrow which will likely be chopped down to a 2-minute clip when all is said and done. She did say that the B-roll will air AROUND THE WORLD including NYC. No pressure.

Since my 26 pounds of mascara haven’t arrived from LA yet (neither are the snazzy click pens I also ordered because now I am addicted to ordering branded shwag) – I decided to pick up a few NYX Cosmetics’ because they are inexpensive and the perfect shade of blue. They will look great in the shot. Now all I need is a contact at NYX Cosmetics to donate a million more. Anyone know anyone?

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The labels have arrived!


Step one: Receive 480 custom labels from your door guy who is trying to figure out what the package holds and there is no way you can explain it to him even if you tried.

Step two: Place two labels on a dummy mascara, one vertical and one horizontal and literally deliberate over which way they should go for an hour.

Step three: Realize you have to affix 480 labels to 480 mascaras.

Step four: Make a collage for Instagram and decide you’ll do the rest another day.

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Mascara available for Nook on

News: For those of you who don’t have a Kindle – while you patiently await the print copies – Mascara is now available for Nook on It is also on Goodreads if anyone would like to review (please do! unless it’s bad).

We are still actively crowd funding for print costs and have raised close to $700 in just two days. That is amazing!! If you’d like to donate, please visit

Five hundred mascaras have been ordered from Los Angeles, so this guerrilla marketing promo will happen on March the 20th! I am leaving a screenwriting class early just to make sure I personally pass these out!

All for now. Please continue to spread the word to EVERYONE you know and meet. #allbluealways



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Mascara Promo

shutterstock_77903725The next step in taking this viral is to partner up with a cosmetics company or order 500 blue mascaras wholesale and take to the streets. And by streets, I really mean the Ariana Grande concert at MSG on March 20th. Just a few cute brand ambassadors and a box of free product and we should have the east coast buzzing with #allbluealways in no time at all. Wish me luck!

Always, Amanda