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I sat down on Thursday with the lovely Karina Huber – former A&E host, CNN and AOL business and finance reporter – to talk about Mascara and how the publishing industry has changed. The interview went perfect! Two hours of shooting and a million questions about the book and its characters and the journey in general. It’s so easy for me to be on the spot with this topic because I am so passionate about the book and about what we are doing. I told her, when it comes to the publishing game change, consider this: JK Rowling was rejected 12 times. Imagine if on the 11th time she thought, “Screw Harry and his magic, I’m not cut out to be a writer.”
That’s how these literary agents and publishing houses play God – by blocking the stories that need to be told. The stories that change a nation. My mother emailed me a list of rejected writers over time and you would not believe the authors and books that are on it. Here is the piece for those of you interested. Tune in Tuesday at 8PM to CCTV News for my segment. It’s a global news station so hopefully a businessman somewhere decides to bankroll millions for the film. 🙏💙